Our Mission
To make data and workflow integrations between HR software and services turn-key, rapid, and cost-effective for employers of all sizes.

Our Vision
An HR marketplace where employers are able to use their applications of choice—enabled and supported by seamless data and workflow integrations—instead of having repositories of data trapped in individual systems.

Our Strategy
To provide employers with turnkey solutions for rapidly deploying pre-built, managed and highly configurable integrations between separate HR systems and services—and by bringing all of these systems and services into our expanding HRNX Integration Network.

Our Technology
The HRNX Hub enables us to build integrations to each vendor and system once. Using our pre-built, reusable and highly configurable connectors, the HRNX Hub gives HR service providers and application and systems developers the opportunity to rapidly and cost-effectively integrate with a multitude of other HR platforms.

What Makes Us Unique

•    We Build Connections
HRNX bridges the gap between all types of HR systems (ATS, HRIS, HCM, e-Learning, and ERP), applications and service providers so that we can all serve the world’s employers and their workforces more effectively.

•    We Build Relationships
HRNX develops strong, collaborative relationships with providers and then connects them all through our software and exclusive Network. Our goal is to connect HR systems and services in a way that benefits everyone—from employers to HR professionals to systems and services developers. The power of aggregation and pre-integration makes all of us stronger.

•    Our Passion for HR Technology
With over 50 years of cumulative HR industry experience in advanced integration technologies, we’re dedicated to simplifying the connections between disparate HR systems and services. We enable HR departments to use the systems and services of their choice—without the usual time and expense required by demanding integration work.